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In your Aquarius horoscope you are the water-bearer who fed the Roman baths Today. Monday 07th October From December this year, when Jupiter.

During the month of September 9 , everyone is experiencing the same personal month number as the Personal Year number. September holds heightened energy related to the theme of your current personal year. Expect lots of important and forward-moving activity in September. The key is in acting upon and emphasizing your creativity and independence. And you must blaze forward and take a calculated risk—it will pay off enormously.

So this is no time to play the game half-heartedly. Hold onto your passionate plans with the end in mind. Use the double energy of your 1 Personal Year and your 1 Personal Month to empower yourself, express your independence and individuality, and take the lead in your life. So enjoy and capitalize on all of the new beginnings until the end of the year. Plant wisely and well. The double 2 energy this month brings a desire for harmony and cascading yourself with as much love and emotional connection as possible. Keep this list of words on a piece of paper inside of your wallet.

Those are the key ingredients for you during September. When does the Universe get your attention? And do you trust the information and act upon it? Around September 23, a new spiritual awareness may add an important piece of insight and further your development in whatever direction you feel you need a nudge. Your intuition is working double-time in September, so take advantage of it. Take some quiet time for yourself. Set an intention to experience at least one sign from the Universe every day this month and see what happens. Emotional self-expression. The joyful energy of the 3 is doubly upon you right now, so enjoy every minute of it!

The emotional rubber meets the road in September.

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Within all of this creative soul-searching, remember that September is the time to get out and enjoy life. Know that you might feel one of two ways right now. The energy of the 3 tests your sense of joy, optimism, and emotional self-expression. So you can feel empowered, enthusiastic, and confident. Or you can feel depleted, depressive, and fearful. Or even a volley back and forth. The issue here is in feeling more emotionally sensitive and vulnerable.

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Up and down, all around. So your challenge is to focus on the happy, joyful and optimistic. Banish the self-doubt! Make room for your own brilliance to manifest itself. Make your creative mark. Work is the focus this month, front and center. The double 4 energy of September creates a significant turning point, even though the focus of the change might not be immediately apparent. The day of month on which we were born is the Day of Birth number.

This number from 1 to 31 gives us a quick insight into our general nature. Day of Birth number is similar to Moon in astrology. It is part of our nature that we develop at the beginning of our life. It describes the specific talents and characteristics that we were cultivating from early childhood. It indicates our talents, abilities and tools that we brought with us into this life , and is a key factor in choosing our profession.


Its influence is strongest somewhere between 28th and 56th year. The Day of Birth is also telling us how we see ourselves. It often shows those abilities of ours that make us feel comfortable. Our good friends usually recognize us more by the characteristics of our Day of Birth than by the main theme of our Life Path. For two-digit Day of Birth numbers, some numerologists also analyze their reduced one-digit values. Month of birth has great influence on our character and gives an indication of how our younger, more formative years will influence our adult lives.

When young, our destiny has not yet been cemented, but the events which occur can help to shape our life path which is in activation primarily from the ages of 28 to The year in which we were born shows the overall theme that we have determined to live in this incarnation. By noting the solar year of our birth, we can determine what type of experiences we will have which we can use to find our niche in life. The year of birth also gives us a clue as to the obligations we will have which will help us to mature and develop. People will tend to gravitate toward others with compatible numbers, because the birth year number relates to our character.

Therefore, people in social and work settings will get along best with those who have the same or harmonious Year of Birth numbers , because on a subconscious level their psyches sense an inner likeness which helps them to accomplish common goals. Not to worry, things calm down by the end of the month.

It brings renewed energy and enthusiasm. Your career makes a big step forward: financial reward, promotion, or possibly a transfer brings a welcome change. You will be introduced to someone or several people who are important for your career and can positively influence your future. While this month brings you and your relatives and friends closer together, the feelings are also intensified and your relationship with some of these people is in a very fragile state. There may be some outbursts of long suppressed feelings that have to be dealt with.

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Relationships of all kinds -- family, friends, and co-workers -- tend to be somewhat unstable during this time. If you are single, romance may become an important ingredient of this month's experience. You may meet someone new and this person will be an intellectual and spiritual challenge. The attraction will be based less on physical appearance than on curiosity: there are profound differences between you in point of view and lifestyle, which is fascinating on some level.

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You learn from this person and, like looking into a mirror, you discover a lot about yourself and the changes that have taken place on a very deep level during the course of this year. For those with a Sun Number 5, December is a 2 Personal Month in an 8 Personal Year, and shifts the focus to relationships and all affairs of the heart. Co-workers are demanding, not only in work-related matters, but also in personal areas.

You may catch some flack, or become involved in conflicts that don't appear to have anything to do with you. All your tact and diplomacy are needed to maintain harmony in the work place. However, you are better equipped than usual to deal with sensitive affairs, and you manage to diffuse most of these potentially explosive affairs.

Pretty much the same experiences await you regarding relationships with relatives and friends, but here, too, you are able to keep the peace. Your intuition and sensitivity are your strongest assets this month. There is, however, a need to stand up for yourself. Someone will probably claim credit which rightly belongs to you, and again, diplomacy and tact are required to solve this problem.

This is also a good month for negotiation and financial affairs, particularly concerning loans and mortgages. Romance can be powerful, but may cause problems when money is involved. It's time to lighten up, be playful and enjoy yourself.

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  • Don't take things too seriously -- this is a time to recharge your batteries. There will be ample opportunity for social events and you should take advantage of that. Your creativity is enhanced now, and so is your sense of humor. This is not a time to force any issues. Let things happen at their own pace.

    You are approaching a time of more energy, more opportunities and progress, but before that happens, take this month to rest and relax. You are entering a 1 Personal Year which brings much progress and a new beginning. This 9 Personal Year has been a year of letting go, next year is a time of renewal, almost rebirth.

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    It brings both opportunity and frustration.