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In your Aquarius horoscope you are the water-bearer who fed the Roman baths Today. Monday 07th October From December this year, when Jupiter.

Co—Star and its push notifications cut through the noise, promising that every day was a new opportunity to become my better self—or at least better aligned with my rightful place in the cosmos. The others are Anna Kopp and Ben Weitzman, chief product officer and chief technology officer, respectively. She appeared at the counter in head-to-toe black, including her close-cropped hair, like something out of a Rick Owens dreamscape. Guler admitted that the restaurant is where she brings everyone—friends, investors, everyone. The food, the chaotic energy, and the left-of-center punctuation choices fit well alongside the person I had read about, a former punk who turned to tech.

A young adulthood full of punk shows and bike-messengering slowed down close to a decade ago, after she was clipped by a van at an intersection and hospitalized. I already have an appointment to get fake eyelashes today, a treat that I had sworn off as a costly and vain expense during lean times. This is my idea of a great date. The idea for Co—Star came from a place of gentle antagonism in Like play to your strengths.

She filed away the thought, and in the meantime took a job in product and design at VFiles, a social-media network for the streetwear set, where she met her future co-founders, Kopp and Weitzman. They brought Weitzman into the astrological fold, and he eventually acclimated to these frequent detours into the heavens. The election of Donald Trump in felt—for them, and so many others—like a personal turning point; they began working on the Co—Star app in , and launched by the end of that year. And what timing. Think palmistry, but also think aura photography.

Its rise—especially the astrology part—is well documented. Popular sites, from the Cut to Bustle, feature astrology columns. More apps have sprung up, like Sanctuary, which provides live readings on demand for a small fee, or the Pattern, which is also growing in popularity. Try scrolling through Twitter or Instagram without running face-first into an astrology meme. Co—Star differentiates itself not only with its push notifications and its granular readings, but its aesthetic.

Seems like less of a horoscope and more of a by-product of being a human being, Co—Star, but I have been meaning to renew my library card anyway. Where you once read what your sun sign was up to that month in the back of a Seventeen in the grocery-store checkout line, now your entire natal chart is at your fingertips.

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And where human astrologers were once the interpreters of the complex art of transits and houses, Co—Star spits it all out automatically. Your entire personhood. Sometimes the generator renders the text completely inscrutable, and it jumps from non sequitur to non sequitur. For that, she thanks an early investor, Female Founders Fund , which exclusively works with start-ups owned by women. Its partners saved the team some time by screening potential Co—Star investors for mystic prejudice.

And the popularity of the app makes the appeal of astrology obvious, Guler argued. I think Instagram is fake, so. It currently has , followers on Instagram, home to its own astrology memes rendered in black and white. Rave reviews on iTunes 4. In the Co—Star office, they are constantly talking about how they want their own horoscopes to sound. Why did you sleep with that person? Naysayers still associate horoscopes with florid, mushy, woo-woo proclamations of old-school zodiac diviners, and Co—Star tries very hard to subvert those expectations.

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In-app purchases are the only way Co—Star generates revenue for now. They plan to use their recently raised bounty to hire engineers, mostly. Authenticity and mindfulness are important in maintaining the health of a close relationship with a Scorpio. In Vedic Astrology, Mars is the ruling planet for a Scorpio ascendant, and red coral is the primary gemstone used to strengthen Mars.

Mars is one of the naturally malefic planets in Jyotish, representing the roots of war and conflict in its essence.

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The first gemstone I would recommend is a yellow sapphire. We have had plenty of success stories from our Scorpio customers who buy yellow sapphires, so we can confirm that this combination works quite well in a majority of cases. This person would also enjoy the benefits of a pearl. Our Scorpio clients also report great results from rubies, the primary gemstone for the Sun.

This is their best gemstone for career development, brightness, brilliance, empowerment, courage, and motivation.

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In this example chart, even though Sun is an ally to the Scorpio, I would exercise caution with a very large or heat-treated ruby. For this chart, such a ruby will promote brightness and brilliance while minimizing the risk of emotional overheating and impassable mental frustration. This pairing frequently leads to conflict, drama, and unregulated distress. Scorpio ascendants historically do not do well with Saturn gemstones, either.

We have yet to hear of an instance where a very powerful blue sapphire leads to increased happiness and emotional fulfillment for this rising sign. Want more business success? Try a ruby, lord of the 10th house. Better communication? Try a yellow sapphire, lord of the 2nd house.

Clearer mind? Try a pearl, significator of the mind. You can read more about our take on Rahu and Ketu gemstones here. This can be found at AstrologicalGem. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology. Like Like. Even though Mars is the ruler of the Scorpio sign, we do not recommend red coral for this ascendant. Avoid blue stones, green stones, and diamonds.

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Read an in depth analysis of Scorpio gemstones here. Hi Rajani, we do have many Cancer ascendants who have reported auspicious results from yellow sapphires. We find it is best if a pearl is also worn. A well placed Jupiter in the natal chart also helps to obtain better results with a Jupiter gem for this sign. While it may seem counter-intuitive, Scorpio ascendants generally do best when they avoid red coral.

Hi tiffany.

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Really great info you give here. Im a 31 year old cancer ascendant with my moon exalted in 11th house taurus. My mars is in the 3rd house together with venus in virgo. Years ago i was recommended a pearl ring in silver, but for some reason i never felt comfortable with it as my mind felt scattered wearing it as well as i started experiencing pain in the inside of my arm when i wore it. Would you think a mars stone would be a better alternative?

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