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In your Aquarius horoscope you are the water-bearer who fed the Roman baths Today. Monday 07th October From December this year, when Jupiter.

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Meta World Peace, aka Ron Artest, the thug player for the Lakers, Betty Broderick, who killed her ex-husband and his wife, after breaking into their home. And Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. All of the aforementioned people were born under the sign of Scorpio. She knows that the awesome wondrousness of Aries goes without saying!

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Fuck YOU and the otha hoes that's dissing cancers! TeamCancer :. I know Cancers that put a lot in their home but every one that I know gets out way more than me and I am an Aquarius. Cancers are protective, nurturing, intuitive, people feel at ease around them OP I have Cancer in the 3rd House. Aquarius' are the goddesses of the zodiacs the humanitarians, the oprah winfreys! You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Show Ignored Content. In this article, you will be able to know about the most terrifying and twisted final words of some of the most famous criminals. Trust me you wont able to forget these even if you want to. Id just like to say Im sailing with the Rock and Ill be back like Independence Day with Jesus, June 6, like the movie, big mothership and all.

Ill be back. I would like to apologize to the victims family for all of the pain I have caused them. I would like to tell my family I love them and I hope to see them again soon. Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me the strength and the time in my life to find Jesus Christ and to be forgiven for all of my sins. Thank you for the changes in my life you have given me, the love and closeness of my family, and my beautiful daughter. Thank you for using me.

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Id like to thank my family for loving me and taking care of me. And the rest of the world can kiss my ass. I am going to be face to face with Jesus now I love you all very much. You should also note that Venus, the love planet, is direct all year, giving you the chance to make meaningful connections and form new relationships without endless complications and interruptions.

Have you ever tried to fit a square peg into a round hole? A Venus-Jupiter square in early September is a great time to have some fun but not so good for making commitments. Some signs are built for one-night stands, but this will never be you. Avoid embarrassing and awkward dating situations by relying on your intuition.

Here, how love will manifest in your life and how to maximize its potential. All couples have their romantic ups and downs, but no sign works as hard as you do to keep a relationship going.


You might miss the emotional depth, but the adventurous Sagittarian energy helps you create some great memories together. Your moodiness frustrates your partner when Mars enters emotional Cancer in mid-May, but right now your plans and dreams are very much linked to your feelings. All should be forgiven by early September, however, just in time for the sexy Venus-Pluto in retrograde trine. Looking for work? Getting your resume in front of the right person is half the battle.

Work hard to find those necessary connections. Affecting you negatively in your career and money sectors is pesky Mercury retrograde in Pisces starting in early March but luckily ending late that same month. Because logical Mercury is already slightly uncomfortable being hosted by emotional Pisces, a retrograde period only adds to the stress.

Communicating clearly is difficult at best and impossible at worst, so be meticulous with your wording in e-mails, texts, and voicemails. Errors with numbers are also likely, so double-check all financial statements and calculations to avoid banking mistakes. Perhaps one of your most productive times of the year comes when Mars enters Virgo in mid-August. This is your total workaholic phase. Early meetings. Heading up new projects and volunteering for committees. Financial incentives matter, but so does praise for a job well done. What will it bring for you?

The Librascorp cusp can be likened to the period around forty-nine years of age in the human life and comes in the middle of fall in the northern hemisphere. During this period of the year winter crops are planted, animals go into hibernation for the coming winter, days are crisp and nights are frosty once more. The days grow shorter and the nights longer.

In human development, at the age of forty-nine, the mid-life period is ending and middle age approaching. This is a period that can be characterized by the themes of Drama and Criticism.

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Those born in this period can perfectly embody the spirit of their age but also comment on it. No matter what walk of life they inhabit, their facile minds and often sharp tongues will mark them as individuals to be reckoned with. Most often, if asked their opinion they give it straight out, holding nothing back. Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.

However, conflicts may also arise here between intellectual and emotional energies, which may be extremely difficult to bring into balance. Furthermore, once they are committed to a situation they will usually refuse to stop until the denouement is complete no matter how painful it may be. Learn to be less picky. Do not cut yourself off from unusual experiences but maintain your poise and balance. Continue to battle with life and resist escapism or the throes of self pity.

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Leave the past behind and embrace the future. Cynicism and sarcasm are poison to you. Also called the Cusp of Revolution, the Scorpittarius is an overlapping and admixture of the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, and the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius. The Scorpittarius can be likened symbolically to the period around fifty-six years of age in the human life, and marks the onset of the colder and shorter days of late fall in the northern hemisphere. The combined energies of the emotionally deep, serious and secretive Scorpio and the intuitive, outwardly-directed, freedom-loving Sagittarius reflect the need to first understand oneself and then to act to institute changes.

Strangely enough, those born on this cusp who eventually find themselves in positions of authority are often able to wield power skillfully. However, generally speaking, Scorpittarius do best in self employed pursuits. Even those who work in larger companies or organizations, or take part in group endeavors, function most effectively when they are allowed a high degree of autonomy.

Scorpio water and Sagittarius fire energies can clash, producing internal disturbances. Therefore, they may not even bother to prepare themselves for a more conventional life.

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On the other hand, those who are forced by difficult experiences to take stock of themselves in their youth, may actually gain a rare sense of directedness and purpose. Keep your intentions honest and your motives pure. Develop the objectivity to stand back and observe yourself living. Try to be more forgiving and less possessive. An outer mask of cool control belies a vast and often turbulent psychic interior from which they draw on.

In a word, the Scorpio is intense, and works best in a crucible of pressure and uphill challenges. Without a sense of purpose, the darker emotions can take hold and lead them down the paths of obsession, jealousy and worse. Click on your birthday to reveal the famous people who share that date with you. Scorpios born on October 23 have the charismatic personality often found in those whose birthday falls on the cusp.

They have a flair for putting themselves into situations where they will be noticed, then are likely to pull back when too much attention is accorded them. You should embrace: Artistic fulfillment, finding your soul mate, a positive self-image. You should avoid: Being overly secretive, going to extremes, self-fulfilling prophecies. Claire [Pornstar] Adlai E. In love with life, they possess a highly romantic and sensual nature. People born on this date are talented as well as fiercely competitive.

While they have a haughty disposition, they are nicer than they appear.

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  • Because they may lack confidence, they find it necessary to act as though they are in complete control. They compare each new experience to what they have known. With their sensitive and imaginative nature, dreams and illusions are as concrete as reality. There is an ageless quality about them. In youth they may seem older, while aging seems to refine their unique qualities. They value power and know how to use it to help others rather than glorify themselves. They are self-disciplined.