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In your Aquarius horoscope you are the water-bearer who fed the Roman baths Today. Monday 07th October From December this year, when Jupiter.

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The Zodiac Killer

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Why Cancer Isn’t a Popular Sign

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The bright side of Gemini remains open minded, aware that there is always more to learn and that listening is as important as speaking! The shadow side of the Twins know a lot of facts, but has little wisdom! This Full Moon highlights where we are Walking our Talk and we we are still learning to embody our deepest truths! A crossroads that has been building all month! Sagittarius Rules Horses…..

The ride allows us time to relax and open up to Possibility! It will be an awesome evening…. Let go if what is not working….. And howl to your hearts content! This is a special time and moment. Words and Thoughts become Things….. Now is the Time to Think Big! Full moons occur when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs, bringing light to that which has been hidden!

Gemini deals with information…Sagittarius deals with its interpretation! This Full Moon is about assimilation of knowledge and wisdom. Information or beliefs that no longer support us are ready to be illuminated and released! This is the time, while the Sun is in Gemini when you are curious and open to new ideas! When: Join us on Saturday the 21st PM. After the hour ride, we drive over to Bette Davis Park, just around the corner from the stables, for a Full Moon Ceremony. Our Ceremony includes a powerful drumming meditation and release, essential oils to open and align our sensory system, crystals to empower and protect, and an Astrology overview!

All levels of riders are welcome! Circle K selects the perfect horse to your riding experience! Here are a few suggestions for your own Release Ceremony! And…I always use my Moonstone for moon cycles of beginning and release and Merlinite! Watch it go up in smoke…. Heads Up…. Please Read my April Overview …. Full Moons illuminate! They are oppositions, calling for a conscious balancing of the energies involved.

All of the old, deep, dark Scorpio patterns that hold jealousy, greed, and power in place gotta go! Time to say….. Bye Bye Now to all this baggage that is fear and power driven! Let us now create a solid, grounded, beautiful new path that is guided by the ruler of Taurus, the Goddess Venus.

She brings with her the feminine principles of abundance, love, grace, beauty, and balance. Our new path, one that is sustainable, is the next step. Now is the time. We are the ones to do the work. Go out and soak up her beauty …. It is so freeing to just let it Goooo.. Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey. Thursday the 21st at PM. We will be doing alot of Re-Leasing under this powerful Full Moon. We will discuss astrological aspects, pull tarot cards for additional messages,and open our senses with beautiful essential oils.

We will be on the sand…so please bring a blanket or towel, and dress warmly! With so many changes, shifts, and retrogrades, it is so important to gather with like minded people with whom you can share and be supported! Stay Inspired…. Lunar Eclipse. As we enter this very special time of the Full Moon energy, there are many subtle…. To explain…we have the Spring Equinox on March 19th. This is when the Sun moves into Aries and it is the beginning of the zodiac New Year.

It is a time to plant seeds and start anew, based on the Cosmic Energy Cycle. We are able to receive updates and coding from the legions of Angels and Light Beings guarding and protecting us! What also makes this time so special is that it is arriving between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, when millions of people around the world will be celebrating and attending services, giving thanks and praying, and honoring their personal beliefs.

Excellent timing…. Prayer always creates an opening…. Love and Forgiveness Heal….. This is an opportunity to choose to participate in planetary transformation. One person at a time. What you do for yourself, you do for all! If you send light and love out, the effects are 1, fold. At our core, we are all hard-wired as Spiritual beings. We just forget!!! Now is the time to Re-member…. Just being out under the Moonlight will enhance your coding.

This will be the area illuminated during these powerful few days!

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  • Where do we need to be more thoughtful and agreeable…. Do you know the difference? Other planetary players come to our assistance at this time. Jupiter and Saturn, both in retrograde motion, guide us in turning our attention inward. This is sooooo important at this moment in time!

    And,this Full Moon shines bright on the importance of keeping an open mind and even greater, and open Heart! Time to hit the Reset button…. Begin Anew…. Open our Hearts to give and receive Love, Love, Love….. Have a listen. You will be able to see the eclipse. Please note, the shadow will be very subtle! Soak in the light beams knowing you are receiving a big dose of cosmic upgrading!